1 Intro to Ridgeline Fitness Swiss Ball Series

Ridgeline Fitness’s podcast will focus on health, fitness, and dynamic living. The Swiss Ball is integral to building strength and conditioning in your abs and core.

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23 Responses to “1 Intro to Ridgeline Fitness Swiss Ball Series”

  • adamant15:

    Good introduction to an excellent series.

  • jaledural:

    wonderful job.

  • guitarlix:

    I’m a subscriber. Excellent series.

  • partofdworld:

    thank you so much ……..these videos are awesome full rating and a subscribtion

  • Afrigga:

    This is exactly what I have been looking for, thank you so much for making it!

  • cranberry411:

    i love my swiss ball when im on the computer i just rock my butt back and forth its awnsome thax for the uploads dude..

  • angelcaraballo3:

    look at that butt!!! wooo

  • jd60s:

    Is there a common practice of how much air you have in the ball? Yours looks pretty full

  • jota191:

    omg… this guy is Hot!

  • getsumbaby:

    great series – im a subscriber. Bring it on!

  • biffabacon42:

    Brilliant vid mate, excellent compliment for my sports therapy work. Keep them coming!!

  • dctrex:

    Nice! Great exercises, beautiful production value! All around super job!

  • goldlmine007:

    Check my page!

  • pazawayako13:

    Hi, I just want to ask if what gym ball size is appropriate and better to use.A gym ball this size on ur video or one that is bigger than this? And does the size of the ball affects the result? I’m begginer and a 154 lbs. I hope u reply and help me.Thanks

  • Renegade17441:

    The size of the ball should fit the size of the person. Usually balls come in three different sizes from most makers. depending on how tall you are. I’m 5″7 and have a medium sized ball

    they’re great, I love mine

  • pookajonson:

    gosh this guy like have no fats at all!!!

  • smileysivon:

    thats wat happens wen u exercise

  • sexypoetry:

    i am starting the pole shift survival group.
    let me know if u r interested.


    just got my ball this week and been lookin for something to do with it.
    Well now i know.Thanks for this.

  • thirteenfingers:

    If you don’t have an answer to your question about fitness ball size yet:
    On the ridgeline fitness website FAQs the answer given is:

    4’8″ to 5’5″ (140-165cm) – 22 in (55cm) ball
    5’6″ to 6’0″ (165-185 cm) – 26 in (65cm) ball
    over 6’0″ (>185cm) – 30 in (75cm) ball

    I’m probably heading out to buy one this week but in the meantime will be using the one sitting unloved in the corner at my gym.
    Hope this helps.

  • cozz:

    Thank you for these, I have a gym ball and was looking for some good tutorials. These will help me get better in my therapy too. 🙂 🙂 x

  • simson99w:

    1:20 playing fitball in desert ?!

  • simson99w:

    1:33 quite difficult

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