Ab Workout ( 6 pack abs ) [ ab exercises for ripped abs ]

www.youtube.com A freerunning clip video… 1. Basic Crunch- 2.Twist Up 3.Push Through- 4.Left side Crunch- 5. Right side Crunch- 6. Up and Twist- 7. Leg Raises- 8. Leg Tucks- 9. 90 Degree Ankle Touch- 10. Right Crossover Crunch- 11. Left Crossover Crunch- 12. Kick Ups- 13. Head Raises- 14. Scissors- 15. Left crossover twist- 16. Right crossover twist- 17. Head leg crunch- 18. Alternating Shoulder Lifts- 19. Hoover- 20- 180 Degree Ankle Touches- 21- Side bends- 22- Alternate Leg Tucks- 23- Alternating Push Throughs- www.myspace.com

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24 Responses to “Ab Workout ( 6 pack abs ) [ ab exercises for ripped abs ]”

  • migueche20:

    whats the name of the first song?

  • migueche20:

    @pablothepainter applies more pressure nd it tightens ur abbs hell of alot more

  • AbdominalSecrets:

    not for beginners guys =P you’ll probably find it hard to do this workout! check out some tips on how to get a six pack fast on my channel! thanks =)

  • kungkungzaa:

    you didnt do a hoover
    wonder how its look like
    love your program
    Thx = )

  • MultiMrParkour:

    lol at the end 😀
    nice vid 😉

  • StupidNub:

    ok now do it again….

  • traxxasnitrosport94:

    this guy know what he’s doing! i see results, few more weeks ahead still 😀

  • pablothepainter:

    @migueche20 thats a funfact thanks ha

  • skillatpojke123:

    when i do this exercise it doesn’t feel in my stomach ,only in my neck…what do i do wrong?

  • XxMightyMonkeyxX:

    @skillatpojke123 Well you prolly held your neck up in the air pushing it forward, you relax the neck and only work the abs.

  • Noah13131:

    how many times do u do it a day

  • ikklop:

    Fuck yeah dude i just did it and im gonna do it again cause its beast mode fasho

  • ALCHEER13:

    This is a good workout, but if you don’t do some kind of cardio with doing this you will just get abs under the fat ,so you wont see them.

  • Patriccckkkkk:

    What kinds of food should you be eating when going for nice abs?

  • AbdominalSecrets:

    it’s not about what foods but how many… because your body can turn everything in fat even healthy foods if you eat them in excess. Check out my channel to learn more tips on how to get a six pack fast guys!

  • AbdominalSecrets:

    it’s not what foods you eat it’s how many.. check out my channel for more tips on how to get abs fast!

  • JoseAnthony69:

    oh dang this workout is legitt!

  • skillatpojke123:

    @XxMightyMonkeyxX ok thanks

  • Schpinki:

    I hate you and your crazy abs dude!! 😉

    Great work out! I need some work at it but thanks for uploading!

  • fernandocraizy93:

    how many do you do of each exercise????

  • AbdominalSecrets:

    he is doing 10 reps each =) you can check out more tips on my channel, thanks =)

  • chrizzy222:

    chest workout….un-subscribing.

  • placesforme:

    I need some one to work out with on a daily bases or atleast 4 times a week if you work out i hope it can be you

  • TheHkump45:

    if i did this every day for 2 weeks straight with more reps do you all think i would noticea difference

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