Abs Fitness Workout how to get six pack abs

Many people want know : ” how to get six pack ” or ” how to Abs ” , answer is easy : ” Use this Abs workout ” . Your Fitness instructor now is free, just click play and see this video abs workout , follow the music. We advise the better way for do this abs workout , is see before instruction for each abs exercises that compose this workout. www.passion4profession.net Use this best Abs workout for have a perfect abdominals , fast and quick!

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24 Responses to “Abs Fitness Workout how to get six pack abs”

  • IDidntComeUpWithName:

    @triznap Aha, I see, Sorry, I think u were just After Fake 6-Pack =). Well, that makes it a bit Different,.. Well, I dont want to Give u Advices, But from Personal Endurance ( not Good , Cant Compare with u even 50 % ) gains, I Find that Endurance in Tva could Do better results,Than This Method, 1-2 moves almost engaged the tva, but there are much better Moves For Them, Theres a Pilates-Modification Excercies which u Can Make Harder and Gain 10xtimes better Results For your Ab Endurance.

  • triznap:

    @IDidntComeUpWithName will check it out

  • eiroight:

    @Kaizen9001 ok, thanks for the suggestions.

  • AbdominalSecrets:

    these workouts are great, very educational video =) check out more tips on how to get a six pack fast on my channel guys! thanks =)

  • rocket644:

    I love this program, Ive been doing it 3-5 times a week for three weeks and I am seeing some results. I have been doing this along with swimming twice a week for two hours and no supplements other than Endurox during and after swimming. Any questions, ask and i will show you results from start to finish in June

  • rewile:

    Holy shit help I cant think

  • sabrinamendezcr:

    she seems cool i love her songs she’s got talent. Now “Naked Lady Gaga . C000M” What is this?

  • Horrificusdinko:

    What a fake video, maybe the next in the whole internet with fake videos telling the people that the “truth” is make abs workout and you can get abs. IT is IMPOSSIBLE to get Abs by makeing abs workouts, the only way is via Cardio Keep that in mind stuped people..

  • basket93ball:

    give me a month or so and my neck will have bigger muscles then my abs lol

  • JimBob2457:

    Hey folks, I’ve been following this exercise for about 2 weeks now and it works. Along with the exercise, I take on a daily basis a half cup of apple cider vinegar with juice from 2 lemons, a touch of maple syrup and a pinch of cayenne pepper! Granted, the taste is disgusting but it works. I’ve lost a few pounds since then and I feel slimmer.

  • parkwegg:

    especially that last exc is killing..

  • IDidntComeUpWithName:

    @AbdominalSecrets Why do u Advertise and gloom with these excercises,They are far away from great. Ok this is My Last comment Here , U dont need More than Normal crunch if u want to train your Middle sections Middle Muscules, Which are not the most important ones, And not Worth doing extra Strenghtening

    These Exercises Strains the Neck no matter how you Do them. Theory of Contracting Abs 8 minute to Burn more fat Is even more fucked idea than the Chances for me to get University Degree.

  • xxsweetyboixx:

    guys i swear down i was 82 kilos like in december when i diseded to lose weight i was searching online trust me i lost 12 kilos in just 4 months and im still losing do these every day twise a day in just like 2 months non stop you will have the best results. i am 70kilos know so im going up to 62kilos i will have that results in just 2 moths plus it gives you packs is well its just awsome good luck to all of you.

  • IDidntComeUpWithName:

    @xxsweetyboixx There was maybe 1 move Here which Was almost ok, but These really Arent Good At All. The Title Says Workout How To get 6-Pack Abs = The Right Excercise is eating, And if u are about to get 62 Kg i^ll Call u a Woman.

  • hotrodmind:

    is the recovery time really needed cuz i would jus push through the pain to do all the exercises at once??

  • Firecracker1314:

    Please help me! i cant do this work out well because it hurts my back 🙁 please tel me what i am doing wrong

  • mikeyandsean2007:

    your an idiot

  • ferdowc:

    firecracker1314 ur not an idiot 1st are you a boy or a girl if boy its cause u do that alot u know what i am talking about lolz…. stop doing that so it well be okay for you i mean you cant stop its just do it once a week looooooooolz carzy guy

  • josedlcrn:

    @hotrodmind Yea because it has someyhing to do about lactic acid build up or something.

  • SMOSHisGOD444:

    hey, i want to know, i dont want a six pack, but i am a chunky person, i just want to loose the fat in my midsection, i tried alot of cardio it worked a bit, but is this something i can add too my cardio exersise? will it help burn them? i dont take any supplements or nothing, just a normal guy, eating protien and drinking milk, all natural, but will these help me?

  • IDidntComeUpWithName:

    @Firecracker1314 U are Doing the Wrong Movements Such as these Are, Start Doing Interval training and it will Burn the Fat away from your Stomach. Or if u are Really interested, Start Doing DeadLifts with Slow Motion , And Build Some Muscules To Burn the Fat Faster.

  • dxrock16:

    dont drink full fat milk it will make u fat but u might loose some fat and eat healthy food bcz its like eating and u never lose a thing

  • AbdominalSecrets:

    yes you don’t need more than the basic crunch but this exercises are all based in crunching so they are great… if your neck hurts you’re not doing it right! Check out more tips on how to get a six pack fast on my channel people! thanks =)

  • hotrodmind:

    @mikeyandsean2007 how am i an idiot for wanting to feel the burn in my workout or is it that you can’t handle the pain WIMP!!!

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