Advanced Stability Ball Exercises for Legs & Abs Great stability ball exercises for legs & abs. The first exercise is the ball squat, which works the quads, hamstrings and glutes. The second exercise is the leg curl, which works the hamstrings and glutes. The final exercise is the ball ab crunch.

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10 Responses to “Advanced Stability Ball Exercises for Legs & Abs”

  • everysixseconds:

    Thanks, i bought a medicine ball recently and needed ways to excercise with it, THANKS. 5 star

  • xxXXxxskitzxxXXxx:

    a medicine ball is a small ball which its weight ranges from 4-25 lbs, the ball he uses in the video is a stablity ball or a fitness ball. thought you should know the difference.

  • everysixseconds:

    Ohhh i see, cause i have both, my medicine ball is 5 lbs and my Stablity ball is from EVerlast, pretty nice.

  • playswithfire2011:

    yeah, best brand to get fitness stuff from, they have the best martial arts and boxing equipment.

  • puertorican10396:

    i sit on this while im on the computer….lolz
    i suggest if something is taking a lil whiledown loading do some exercises on your stability ball…

  • crazybritt07:

    OMG that is the same exact thing that I do with mine! LOLz It’s my very special computer chair…I thought I was the only one!

  • shellcass:

    Hey great video,I have a question pls,why does my back hurts so much when I’m doing the crunches on the ball,could it be I’m doing it wrong?I have no medical condition am almost certain,itsthere anything I can do to prevent this?

  • fitman23:

    Im assuming you mean your lower back? How do crunches on the floor feel? Maybe start with those fist. How flexibly are your hamstrings?

  • alinalin0:

    what’s the difference between this exercise and normal squats?

  • SuperVenus1989:

    so i assume thats why you have abs and sexy legs lol u look like u r going to die while doing the exercise

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