Best Ball Test

The Only Supersafe Ball

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    6 Responses to “Best Ball Test”

    • Wasserspeier07:

      Gymnic balls are my favorite balls. Good quality.

    • BalloonSoldier:

      I dont quite get the point of puncturing it. I think you said enough with all 3 on top of it.

    • Wasserspeier07:

      The point is that the punctured ball deflates slowly. Normal or cheap balls burst in an instant and you will get hurt if you hit the ground.

    • RedEyezz2:

      ball loverrrr

    • Ezuip:

      Nop Ballon soldier, the only real test is puncture under tension… There is few safe ball this one seem one of them. I saw severe injuries with so call Anti burst ball! Pay always more than 50$ for a good one… under is at your risks!

    • DjSprinks890:

      Wish they made an anti,antiburst one! 🙂 Lol

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