Chest & Back Exercises: Upper Body Workout : Stability Ball Push Ups for Your Upper Body Workout

Learn how to do push ups on a stability ball to build strength and muscle tone in this upper body workout and fitness video. Expert: James Fitzgerald Contact: Bio: James Fitzgerald is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine & certified in Personal Training and Group Kickboxing through Fitness Instructor Training of Stafford, Texas. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

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25 Responses to “Chest & Back Exercises: Upper Body Workout : Stability Ball Push Ups for Your Upper Body Workout”

  • anettewithers:

    is it possible to moderate this exercise? maybe its too tough for women

  • fangmama63:

    this shouldnt be the case since it is on a incline

    but as he said u could also incorporate the wider stance

  • LuqmanNaq:

    Bro this is tough for anyone without good upper body strength. They can put it against the wall and do it on their knees to make it easier.

  • Xtraudinair:

    his legs are skinny.

  • zerk54:

    Oh, sweet Jesus. Leave the balls on the play ground and do regular push ups. Better yet, go to the bench press. I know, sounds crazy. Why use free weights when we can all pretend to be circus bears on these stupid balls. Go to the bench press and you have a chance at building strength and muscle.

  • MrsMarlyeWafford:

    Women are perfectly capable of doing any kind of excercise that men are. I was in a weight lifting class with only men for 3 years and more often than not I was the one demonstrating to THEM the proper way to lift.

  • MrsMarlyeWafford:

    Were you using a basket ball? LOL jk

  • SydneyTaylorA:

    not funny
    i was serious

  • WickedG5150:

    not really…

  • witnessforfitness:

    Do you find that most people like to put the feet on the ball, or put their hands on the ball? This is a great way to do pushups!

  • asmcriminaL:

    This exercise, develops the stabilizer muscles of the chest. Which trains your body to exert strength properly. We might play with balls times to time, but I can promise you we’re stronger, and more muscular.

  • zerk54:

    I promise you that doing chest exercises on a ball does not carry over to bench press. The strongest men in the world do not use stability balls to built strength. Do you know why. Because doing weighted exercises on a ball does not allow you to use the kind of weight that builds strength. And you are not stronger than the strongmen and powerlifters that do not use these balls.

  • asmcriminaL:

    It trains the body to use the “proper muscles. And stabilize the weight” (the ball). There is a difference between “Being strong” and “Being efficient” If you look up strongman on youtube. You’ll see manyexamples of men lifting weights lop sided/unbalanced. This is due to a dominant muscle and compensation to exert the proper force. Sure they’re strong, but also inefficient. I am stronger than strongman, i can do 120 pushups. Point is “strength” means different things to different people.

  • zerk54:

    HORSE SHIT! Strength means how much weight can you move. Pretty simple. Do you really think playing on a bouncy ball can build strength better than lifting heavy objects. Strongmen and powerlifters are very efficient at moveing heavy things. Success depends on it.

  • asmcriminaL:

    Lets say my friend has a 1bench max of 600lbs. I I can bench 125lbs 10x’s. That totals 1250lbs. That’s DOUBLE what my friend can lift. So who’s stronger?

    I don’t think you guys understand the ball is an “aid” it’s not supposed to be used all the time. If you have muscle imbalances, and don’t have strong stablizers I can PROMISE YOU the ball will build up strength.

  • zerk54:

    I’m about to blow some minds here. This stabilizer muscle stuff is bunk. The only thing doing push ups on a ball will make you better at is doing push ups on a ball. When someone first starts ball exercise and suck at them, and then gets better it is not because stabilizers got stronger. It’s because the nervous system learned how to balance on a ball. That’s it. It’s a coordination issue. Nothing to do with the so called stabilizer muscles.Using a ball hinders strength and increases risk.

  • asmcriminaL:

    Your nervous system has to make adjustments to keep your “balance” on the ball. If you’re lifting a heavy weight, and i know you seen people lift it lopsided/uneven. How does your body know which adjustments to make to “keep it balanced?” It makes the appropriate changes based by the “feed back” you’re receiving. The ball “trains your body” to analyze feed back. The ball isn’t a “strength” exercise. It’s a stabilization exercise according to National Academy of Sports Medicine.

  • HandsUpPantsDown:

    why compare yourself or ANYONE commenting on these videos to a power lifter or a strongman? the average person is not a power lifter nor a strongman nor mr olympia, and NEVER, EVER will be. their bodies aren’t made to be buff like theirs.

    on the other hand, an average joe shmoe working out in the gym to increase his strength for real world applications, using a stability ball would be beneficial.

    i bet you also think db bench presses are stupid, because that’s what a bench+bb is for.

  • WLordnDRanch12:

    Maybe not, but being able to bench press anything over 200 pounds or what not is usless. Yeay you may be strong but your still just a big slow guy.

  • WLordnDRanch12:

    Your a fucking idiot. Go and bench press you moron

  • zerk54:

    I think I will.


    pushups help back workout????

  • xjoecool123x:

    @asmcriminaL your logic is so wrong its not even funny… if your friend can max out at 600lbs. that means he could do 125 lbs like for 60 reps you moron.

  • wyciskTV:

    Stabilization ball and body stabilization exercises in general are the best of all because many, many muscles get involved while doing your workout.

  • bcsROBBERY:

    @asmcriminaL yeah, but if ur doing a push up ur still building strenth. no matter if it’s with the ball or just the floor.

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