Exercise Ball = Stronger Core: “Be a 10 in 2010” with my Core Workout (Home & Gym)

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25 Responses to “Exercise Ball = Stronger Core: “Be a 10 in 2010” with my Core Workout (Home & Gym)”

  • deadmanwsm:

    Nice. Good way to start off the new year. Thanks.

  • moniscas:

    i like these exercises a lot!! thanks scott! 🙂

  • cqfms:

    I pay over $15 per week for Gym membership.. I feel riped off now..

    Oh and as always thanks Scott for the tips.

  • rradoc:

    GOD i love these videos…

  • Laxbud5968:

    Could you do a abs video with your schedule that you do during the week? On one of your videos you said you did Upper abs and lower abs. then upper and obliques or something.. idk! That would be great if you could!

  • CardiffCasual101:

    i bench 210

    for people who want to loose weight

    you cant beat hard running in a sweat suit

  • eringough:

    skull crushers? Nose breakers? :O that really makes me want to run to the gym and try it… not really. lol

    I am def going to start doing my bicep curls and shoulder presses on the ball though. Thanks c:

  • hulaboy04:

    hey scott…. you kept saying 15 reps… but how many of those do we do???? 3 x 15????? and thanks!

  • Babynton2008:

    The force is with you Scott!!!

  • Laxbud5968:

    thanks man!

  • mrjoeyzaaza:

    the video ain’t loading/playing for some reason

  • Johannes0702:

    Hey scott.

    Got a smart tips for me on how to remember what exercise to do next?
    If I check the video everytime im gonna do a new exercise I get too much rest between.


  • adifferentscreenname:

    I’ve seen mixed reviews on what size ball to purchase. I’m 5’6 and I’ve seen some sites say I should get a 55cm and some say 65cm. Any advice?

  • luvadamusic:

    i’m a female, and i don’t want to look buff, just firm. will the dum bells make me bulk up too much?

  • Emarksthespot5:

    Great video Scott. Now, I am 5’11 is there a specific size ball I should be using for my height?

  • EyeWearMySunglasses:

    @cqfms i pay 21/month @ the YMCA! lol if anybody THEY should be abt 7 bucks a month wth loloo

  • EyeWearMySunglasses:

    Scott help me! Im a female with an apple shape (top heavy/fatty ribcage area) should i do crunches everyday cos some say you have to do them every other day to fool your body but I got a lot of ab fat to conquer! wha-do-I-do?

  • cqfms:

    There is no way to spot reduce fat.. Hard work alround with good diet will see results.

  • ScottHermanFitness:

    great input! you are correct!

  • ScottHermanFitness:

    You need a meal plan my friend!

    Check out the meal plan on my fitness website scotthermanfitness[.]com

    It will show you exactly how to eat based on your body stats and your goal. It is amazing!

  • EyeWearMySunglasses:

    @ScottHermanFitness do u have the ability to cater it to a raw food diet my friend? 🙂

  • EyeWearMySunglasses:

    @cqfms hmm Okie doke thanks!

  • lamassabrosona:

    He is great I am learning a lot with his routines. I am very happy that he is showing us the best way to get great results. 🙂

  • 5619677:

    Are physio balls and exercise balls the same? Just really curious… hehehehehe… Oh, And also, are the dumbbells that Scott is using by pounds?

  • SydellexX:


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