Exercise, Diet and Improving Body Image.?

I have stretch marks all over my body. Circling my breasts, on my hips and all the way down my thigh. I think there is some shame behind this whole problem. I’m overweight, and I feel like I can’t do anything or I can, but what’s the point, I’ve already messed myself up to the point of no return.

Some of my thoughts are usually, what if I loose the weight? Will my skin sag? Which would be just as horrible as being fat. Or will the stretch marks go away? Or will I be stuck with them forever.

I want to be normal. I want to be thinner, healthier and feel better about wearing tight clothes. I’ve always been the cute girl. I want, just once in my life to be the sexy girl. I want to wear a push up, lacy bra with heels, a nice blouse and shorter shorts. Just once. I want to go swimming without having to wear board shorts and t-shirt. I want to rock a bikini! But I feel like my size is holding me back.

Are there any products a minor can buy (no drugs)? Any exercises I can try? Or any diets that will help me drop the pounds quickly?

What creams will get rid of the stretch marks and help my skin become tighter?

I really appreciate your help. Thank-you!

Ps. I can’t go to a public gym or go through surgery … Or order exercise tapes from infomercials. But I do have an exercise ball. Thanks.

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  • sejad_a:

    Looking around the interwebs, it seems there are some remedies for stretch marks. Use some lotions, get a tan, etc just google it. The first result I found seems reliable it was like howtoremovestuff.com or something similar.

    Now about the loosing weight part, I really think it’s a no brainer: you need to eat properly. Reduce your calorie intake and exercise regularly.

    There is no such thing as a diet pill (that works, anyway) I assure you.

    Good luck!

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