Exercise Index: Swiss Ball Squat

Demonstration of the Swiss Ball Squat. Trainee Rob Turner, owner Functional Performance Systems Before everyone and there mother messages me about the usefulness of this exercise please realize that this is just another tool in the arsenal and not a movement that we depends on at FPS. I do find it a good way to wake up the nervous system and lower extremity stabilizers. Coaching Tips 1. Hold neutral spine positioning with area below belly button pulled inward to activate abdominal wall. 2. Exhale going down. Inhale upon rising. (yes, that’s right for this movement) 3. Perform squat while standing on high quality, burst resistant swiss ball. Regression/Make it Easier ***1. Learn to be very proficient at kneeling and standing on swiss ball. 2. Stand in doorway or hold onto nearby structure to provide additional support while mastering the squat movement. Possible Progression/Make it Harder 1. Keep hands crossed at the chest. 2. Move feet closer to center of ball. 3. Add a small load. 4. Close eyes. Benefits 1. Activates the stabilizers of the lower half. 2. Improves abdominal wall function. 3. Improves proprioception. 4. Strong central nervous system activation. 5. Improves neuromuscular coordination. 6. Challenging and fun. Please seek advice of qualified health professional before attempting as all exercise are not beneficial for everyone. Please subscribe. Thanks for watching. Email – Info@functionalps.com.

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