Fitness: Core training for triathlon.

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10 Responses to “Fitness: Core training for triathlon.”

  • hat39:

    Thank you.

  • HaydenRoberts:

    Thanks alot, these tip will help me in the long distances!!
    Wished everyone understood these basics, these tips are terrific!

  • evanscoaching:

    Thanks! All the best going long.

  • FabuFox:

    As somebody with a tricky lower back, I’m interested in knowing more about those contraindicated exercises. Am I right in supposing that leg raises include related activities like scissor legs or even “bicycling” (the ab exercise, not the sport)?

  • evanscoaching:

    I recommend you consult with a physical therapist. And perhaps, ask about specific exercises that train the transverse abdominis using a blood pressure cuff under the lower back.

    Any exercises which hyper-extend the back and rotate the pelvis are contraindicated such as those you correctly mentioned above.

    The exercises I displayed are effective, but it’s always good to work in conjunction with a PT.

    Good luck.

  • jmsbomer:

    Thank you Coach Marc! I have had SI back pain for 25yrs. I am 45yrs old. I have tried every ab routine you can think of and had not had any decrease in my back pain. I started this routine about 4 months ago and my back pain has decreased significantly. I also do some hip strengthing exercises twice a week. I do believe my increase in core strength was a factor in setting a PR OLY TRI in 2:23. Thx again I love your videos.

  • evanscoaching:

    Thank you and congratulations on a successful outcome.

  • ferntri:

    Hi coach Marc…thanks so much for your videos and asserted approach to triathlon training. The tips given in this video are very helpful though I wonder if these apply as core training for swimming (I feel like I need some) as well…or maybe you would recommend more specific training?
    Thanks once again.

  • evanscoaching:

    Thanks for your comments! These are “solid” core exercises for all sports.

    Of course, there are others and I will do another video sometime with these, but if you perform these 3 x a week you’ll gain great benefits.

    The important thing is to transfer these to holding your body lines when swimming by using your core.

  • ferntri:

    Thanks for advise coach!!…
    I discovered your site for 3-4 month ago when my interest in triathlon boosted to higher levels. I’ve been following your channel and executing most of the tips presented here. And they do have helped me. I’ll post some more comments in the relevant videos and will be looking forward to receiving your advises.

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