Fitness Training : Best Exercises to Remove Cellulite

The best exercises for removing cellulite include basic squats and standing lunges, both of which can be combined into super-sets. Work on breathing and repetitions when doing exercises to get rid of cellulite with help from a certified personal trainer in this free video on fitness and exercises.

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25 Responses to “Fitness Training : Best Exercises to Remove Cellulite”

  • etinegro:

    nice vid, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mewira:

    this is awesome , how much do i need till i can see some results?

  • goldreq:

    hmmm..let me try this

  • adlesirghc:

    Like 1-2 months! But you need to start a healthy diet too! Cellulite will stay there. It just reduces the appearance of cellulite. But that’s more than enough!
    Good luck!

  • GoingCrazyh:

    Why ever do a diet? There are thousands of ppl who arent fat or something and they still got cellulite..

  • ppoppollll:

    does anyone know if cellulite massages actually work?

  • angelatrinh06:

    Yeah this is true.
    Im not fat but I have cellulite, skinny actually; but thighs are where they have cellulite. T~T

  • Xxxsorrow:

    Love it!

  • armidons:

    is this true ? do really I can fight cellulite with this ?

  • fiestafiestal:

    is it normal that my legs husrts when i do this ?

  • mayamaeru:

    no pain no gain

  • sweetnluvly07:

    ”hopefully” 🙁

  • 1FarahLiyana1:

    a question guys.. how could someone with a normal weight and apparently slim.. have cellulite, help me =(

  • hopetrnr0:

    cellulite makes me wanna kill myself

  • hopetrnr0:

    did dat bitch just say hopefully?? you a trainer and you don’t know for sure??? have you SEEN any of your clients lose cellulite with continuous use of these exercises? damn. kill my dreams why don’tcha:-(

  • beachbabe20:

    cellulite is mainly genetic. You can reduce it but not get rid of it. It’s not your fault. Just thank God you have legs and can walk.

  • brokeassprincess:


  • hopetrnr0:

    i don’t know what I was thinking lol

  • fattirevsbud:

    I’m a man, pretty fit for years but stopped working out when i was around 21, Im 34 and i have a LOT of cellulite (or somethg that looks like it) on my abs. Any advice to lose it? i drink a lot of beers

    please avoid any smart ass/insult response

  • CynthiaHern1:

    Hi everyone I the truth about cellulite working this for years- coming out next year with my results. How I can help you!

  • Golooful:

    THANKs FOR The ViD

  • jacka9c:

    He’s so cute(and hot) LOL !! xD
    haha I hope this works!!!!!
    (IT BETTER!!!!!)

    Thanks for posting it!

  • jhawkandalyshow:

    Does anyone know if this works? Like has anyone tried it? I’m going to Mexico in march and I want to know if this will help me. I am by no means fat, I would just like to reduce my cellulite.

  • joeyskillsable:

    first male to watch this vid and comment! first watching a bsketball vid and out of nowhere watching a vid on how to reduce your “cellulite” lmfao. If you girls need any help wiith that just call me ^_^

  • bpatman100:

    this man is a retard. cellulite cant be removed with exercise. if you are FAT, then exersize can help, but only if you are burning more calories than you are eating. and this guys exersizes wont help much. you need weights!

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