Functional Strength Training for Running: The 10 Best Exercises

As a personal trainer i have found these exercises to be the Top 10 foundation building exercises to dramatically improve strength and efficiency in all runners. These exercises are designed to improve the bodies biomechanics by challenging it through all 3 planes of motion. When performed correctly these exercises will also help to greatly reduce the chance of injury, improve core strength and function, improve joint mobility and improve flexibility.

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5 Responses to “Functional Strength Training for Running: The 10 Best Exercises”

  • Maribelru:

    Dude you rock! These are great exercises and fun to do!

  • kaberg92:

    Looks very interesting… and fun… but i am always very careful in adapting exercises i find on the Internet.
    if any1 knows more sources surrounding these exercises plz Give me a link

  • koltanya:


  • ashleynoel1991:

    this looks like something I would love to do to build my running foundation.. But I am curious as to how long you should do each exercise for and the amount of days. Such as everyday or every other day?

  • aboverim:

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