Home ab workout: crunch exercise for 6-pack abs

Don’t let the TV ads convince you to buy some bulky contraption that will gather dust in your closet, crunches are safe and effective! This video clip shows how to do crunches with varying degrees of difficulty based on your ability. Remember that ab exercises alone will not give you abs! If you have the best abs in the world they will be completely invisible if you are overweight. Aerobic exercise and proper diet are even more important than ab exercises in getting that sought after 6-pack. Form is very important in crunches, many people do them incorrectly and end up working out their neck or hips more than their abs. Use slow movements and only use the abs. Concentrate on trying to raise your shoulders straight up towards the ceiling. Don’t worry about how many reps you do but focus on using perfect form. No whipping the head around or flapping your arms! This is not a sit-up either, the hips are stationary. Also important is to minimize any tension in the neck, I do this by very lightly supporting my head with my hands or the weight plate The main reason to workout abs is because strong abs stabilize your lower back and shield you from injury but as a side benefit a 6-pack looks great! For more ab exercises: scoobysworkshop.com Nutrition is key to getting abs! I cover the nutrition basics on my website, if thats not detailed enough for you I have reviewed and recommended some excellent books: scoobysworkshop.comAnyone can be healthier, have more energy, sleep better

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25 Responses to “Home ab workout: crunch exercise for 6-pack abs”

  • papegojaman:

    Scooby! I just wanted to say THANK YOU!

    you have helpd me alot.
    I have now started to eat 5 meals a day because of your videos and doing cardio about 2 hours a day. thought that you cant do “to much cardio” hehe. before your videos i did about 0 minutes cardio a day :P.

    So once again GRAZIE!!

  • mikelnaru:

    beautiful abs… & v.good vid

  • VincentMng:

    nice vid, thanks for sharing 🙂

  • djhenyo:

    Is this dude really as old as his name suggests? If so I want to do whatever the hell he is doing so I can look as good as that when I am his age, but still not be as big as him.

  • Rikaterra:

    crunch from CAPITAN CRUNCH?

  • projectVRcommodore:

    scooby u rock!! i quit gym and doing these workouts at home and wow!! AUS REP

  • italianomafioso12:

    is it possible of gettin a 6 pack in 2 weeks?

  • HK187KILLA:

    Thanks for the honesty. Ive always known the BS is out there, but when you get a gut, you hope for a get quick solution.

  • josh1212121:

    the waterfall sound makes me wanna pee

  • rosealina1:

    nice pecs dude

  • ehvmikey:

    I have never seen a page with so many thumbs up on comments wow.
    youtube unite

  • Paperkut98:

    Oh my gosh, this guy has an AMAZING body. I’m definitely taking his advice! I work out every day, but I’m having trouble getting those gorgeous abs I really want. Thanks dude!


    shit man i would rather join a gym…….i

  • blackmarketfitness:

    Do you think you could give me a few pointers as to get a larger following? I know it was hard work for you to do this, and that you dont owe me anything. But I am working so hard for this. I put everything I can into my company. I finally got youtube to sponsor one of my videos. Do you have any suggestions? Any help would be greatfully appreciated, also I have a very strong core, and owe some of it to a few of your videos. thanks.

  • gwizz77:

    Crunches are just one of the ways to get abs. he probably has more videos on abs.

  • luckycharms8282:

    why do u say we dont need a fancy machine for abs, when there is an ad for one on the upper right corner of my screen????

  • cramirez2882:

    people with low self esteemonly find the need to say negative things about anyone. they have nothing better to do

  • khannmahammad:

    Great Video, Really works and really helps… Great Stuff Man. Thanks.

    Oh yeah, for those of you who think this workout doesnt work, then beleive me your technique is wrong, because this workout is a KILLER.

  • geometrywarsiscool:

    Hey scooby, i was reading on your website that you should NOT sync your breathing with exercises, is this the same for crunchies? If not please can you explain to me.
    I am 14 and would really like to get the crunchies right and also have a nice set of abs for when the summer break ends and i go back to school.

  • boypacer:

    thx man, your really helped me

  • mynameisiansmum:

    Really well made video, nice demo and advice.

  • rhcpjohn444:

    crunchs are not the best ab exercise you can do

  • Ratman120:

    Hmmm… I’m going to try this workout

  • MachineLegion:

    Thanks I’m going to try that out. Now I just need to convince my parents not to buy me tons of food I’ll be good to go.

  • scooby1961:

    Comments are now disabled. If you have questions you can get them answered free of charge 24/7 at the AskScooby forum!

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