How to Use an Exercise Ball : Strengthening Your Abs Using an Exercise Ball

Learn how to flatten your belly and strengthen your abs in this free how-to video on exercise ball fitness and workouts. Burn fat and build muscle at home! Expert: Jamie Smithers Bio: Jamie Smithers has been a fitness model for more than two years, working for Nike, VPX’s Redline, and being featured in Oxygen Magazine. Filmmaker: Bob Hunt

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22 Responses to “How to Use an Exercise Ball : Strengthening Your Abs Using an Exercise Ball”

  • Braaimaster123:

    me 2

  • barnaft:

    wow! best exercise video ive ever seen! how much for her as ure personal trainer!

  • brotha01:

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  • x0kuteness0x:

    maybe ur using your hands to pull it up? you can try by putting them across your chest

  • EFEWQ:

    / \
    This is Bob. Soon bob will take over youtube! spread this to 50 videos. It will soon be on the news. then you will know you helped spread Bob

  • foshos:

    Will you Marry me?

  • thejbdman:

    How do you support your back. DO you let it arch or bring it flat to the ground.

    How bout 1on 1 to sort it out?????

  • juicyAK:

    you look like the girl from step up 2

  • devangna16:

    Ahhha , i watched that epissooode =D

  • vaughan1102:

    / \



  • Wonderbread101:

    watching this is a mental stability exercise… IF you know what i mean.

  • Renotech:

    Am I the only one watching these videos because of her? 😀

  • andrews23451:

    i like your ball!is so white!!

  • Willkillbillfeeldeal:

    i disagree with putting your hands behind your head because it encourages you to use your neck to lift yourself into crunching position. thus, breaking your neck in 2. i do this indoors, spot something on the ceilling, and fix that point and always stare up when doing those crunches.

  • 123bentheman:


    No your not

  • mugupo10:

    She has nice breast

  • hotvins:

    your ball is so big, nice and smooth ball 😉

  • shahed2oo6:

    hey gays how do you know if the ball is too big for you?help pleas……..

  • GingerViner:

    Too Shaked2006
    when you sit on the fitness ball you should have your feet flat on thefloor and your uppper legs between your knee’s and hips should be straight. if between the knees and hips your legs go up when sat when the ball is to ball but if your knee’s are higher than your hips then the ball is too small…
    so make sure everything is straight
    if you would like to know more give us a mail or something

    Martin V
    Fitness Instructor

  • JoePodable:

    Wow she is fucking hott

  • matrixkidman:

    Nice tits !!!!:)

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