I Dare You to Try This Core Workout!

www.YuriElkaim.com Warning! This workout is not intended for the faint of heart. If you’re a beginner put this on the back burner. But if you think you’re fit, then I challenge you to try this 5 exercise upper body workout! Want more? Go to… http

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25 Responses to “I Dare You to Try This Core Workout!”

  • skimboley:

    can be “advanced” workout but i don’t see any muscles.

  • MOOPsQuad:

    u have horrible form, u should show ppl how 2 do these exercises properly instead of rushing and half assin it, if ppl did these workouts like u just did ppl could hurt themselves

  • dharvey2700:

    this guy has good form…what the hell are you looking at? looks pretty slow paced enough for normal “ppl” wha are you a retard?

  • VicJones01:

    no offense, but I was kinda expecting more and different. Keep up the decent work 🙂

  • zacmacca89:

    haah yuck think u are the 1 that needs to be training hard

  • 1bflobil:

    I think that routine would put a lot of these people out… i have been body building for many yrs and most wieghtlifters have no functional strength. This will give u functinal and strength. I loved it and did the push ups and pull ups..30 push ups and 12 pullups in 30sec not bad for a GIRL

  • ichater:

    42 reps in 30 seconds… that doesn’t sound possible… well I couldn’t do it so im gonna say its impossible 😛

  • mayavlim:

    He talks like he has ADHD, but love his workouts!

  • kbk1061:

    @mayavlim i have add and it makes me fun! and fuckin crazy..lol no jk

  • seldomsceen:

    i actually do a similar routine it works..trust me..im not a big man but im stronger than people twice my size..NO WEIGHTS im 5’9 ( with hightops) 170lbs

  • theazn07:

    that’s a very riggidy pull up bar…lol

  • theazn07:

    that’s big. lol i’m 5’10 and 135 lbs lol

  • netmad56:

    Who in their right mind would do anything this GEEK told them to do. Do you seriously want to look like this?

  • bbbbbb222222:

    LOL!!, this skinny fag is really saying this is advanced?? my granma in a wheelchair’d do this routine with no problems, I bet that skinny fag can’t even do 1 single SQUAT without fainting, look at how weak he is!!!1 LMAO

  • QuestRah:

    where’d you both motherfuckers escaped from eh?like ya fat faggots cant stop eat or get their asses up for sport some people jus stay kind of skinny,im sure they dont want that.some peepz gota metabolism problem,then they stay skinny or fat. put that in yo head :/

  • ridgehand:

    First, this guy is in great shape, maybe 5% body fat and strong as hell. Second, body types vary. You maximize what you have. Bruce Lee was not what you’d consider a “big man”, but his feats of strength were extraordinary. Third, this routine is not easy. You are in constant motion. It takes strength, stability and stamina to perform. It’s sad that some people have to disparage others to boost their own self esteem.

  • bobmonk92:

    Anyone with common sense knows that you don’t need big muscles to be strong, the 3rd strongest guy in my college has probably about, AND I SWEAR 3% fat and very skinny, he has a strong core and can push some guy into the air with a single push. And lastly this guy could knock out a guy probbly twice his weight, you can just tell that he has a lot of stamina and is incredibely fast (look at some of his other vids) because he isnt some bulky steroid freak.

  • bbbbbb222222:

    LoL, you had to try 5 times to make the comment right and deleted the others, what are you, a retard?

  • bobmonk92:

    @bbbbbb222222, dude what are you on about? I posted this once I click on the post button 5 times because it said error the other 4 times but it must still have posted it and then deleted afterwards, secondly im not sad enough to come on youtube to call people retards and notice that they had posted something 5 times and then even BOTHER commenting on it.

  • belgjumperke:


  • 2mariebl:


  • Pielover461:

    “when you get tired, do one more”. i live by that quote

  • stufoo:

    @1bflobil actually that is normal for a girl…

  • 21HaTeRsLuVmE21:

    this guy is awesome

  • sameshit100:

    very cool workout!

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