Incredible Abs 2

Tighten and tone your way to a flat belly with top ExerciseTV trainer, Cindy Whitmarsh. If you loved that, try her Incredible Abs 1 for even more sculpted abs!

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25 Responses to “Incredible Abs 2”

  • luige119:

    wow you got 7 negative replys. haha

  • csidaznigga:

    ..does this actually work….i mean look at her stomache

  • luvmercedes:

    She looks like she’s been pregnant before. Don’t make fun of her, not all people can get their bodies to how they were before.

  • csidaznigga:

    she dont look ike she was pregnat

  • pthompson2010:

    on a completely different topic, elections are coming up and I’m sure you’ve never heard of a guy campaigning like this before, I’d appreciate you checking out my vid for it on my page

  • rainlovebear:

    jeez…what a jackass.

  • thehelenrepublic:

    love handles? those are muscle.

  • blahmeblahblahblah:


  • blahmeblahblahblah:

    How can any people say she has love handles?

    And everyone has fat. She wears what fat she does have (which is very little) really well!


  • dedan2:

    well i sure wudnt like muscles like that on my side. Rather them flat n nice with definition. Sorry. Thats jus me

  • blondetennisgirl:

    first of all why are people watching this and commenting on her “love handles” (which i dont see) when you yourself are watching a work out video.
    and if people didnt criticize other peoples bodies (especially perfectly normal ones like hers) then maybe she wouldnt need to be on this workout video in the first place. just a thought.

  • bryan92114:

    this is on free on demand

  • JnglstTICAL:

    You guys are crazy. She’s smoking hot and in super shape.

  • justaoldslave:

    Ten Star!

  • ivi122:

    She has a little bit of love handles, so what. She still looks great. Most overweight people would kill for that body. America needs to focus on just being healthier themselves instead of criticizing everyone else.

  • kdmhmdlover123:

    those r not love handels. they r abs in process. she is getting them into shape.

  • patrickrouse:

    Um, love handles… Are you kidding me? There is a difference between “skinny” and “in shape”. Those “love handles” you think you see are External Oblique muscles, not fat. There’s a difference between an athlete’s body and some skinny chick that doesn’t eat.

  • hardrockromantic:

    Personally, I think her mid-section is too flat. A little thickness and curves are just fine. But that is only my opinion. I think that, if she is comfortable with herself, then she is just fine. The most important thing is that one is healthy and is comfortable with the way that they look.

  • QUEENbee3422:

    im going to start doing this like everyday! it looks hard but it will work my body into bikini shape! 🙂

  • dannysufian:

    great workout..she gives good motivation..


    my mom loves this kind of videos to watch high fives

  • QUEENbee3422:

    Condy, i better be bikini body ready !!!!! lol 🙂

  • annapatti1:

    absolutely sensational workout.this is similar to jillain michaels banish fat boost meatbolism DVD.great and real tough workouts here….

  • aminal123:

    Sorry but this sucks. I felt nothing in my abs for the first 11 minutes of the workout. Granted I’m stronger than most but this was ridiculous.

  • themandude20:

    yes i agree, I thought she probably had a kid before so the shape she is in is probably the max she can achieve. still looks great though

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