J2 Strength Training Program 1

***This video was made for the BSF Nordic team, but please feel free to use this routine to whip yourself into shape!**** Hello BSF J2 rockstars! Here is the video I promised demonstrating all of the strength routines I described in the email that I sent you all (I copied that email below). This is just a short demonstration–you might want to consider moving outside of your bedroom for this workout. Give yourself lots of space. Outside works. ***COPY OF EMAIL**** Here is the strength routine I would recommend: Start each workout with a GOOD WARMUP. This is vital—if you are not warmed up before a strength workout, your muscles will not be able to effectively handle (and respond to) the stress you are putting them through, so the workout will essentially be useless. Start with AT LEAST 10-15 minutes of something light and easy (a quick run, a short cruise on your bike, etc.). From here you may choose the order of exercises, although I would recommend starting with the core exercises. In my opinion, core strength and stability is the most important aspect of strength training for a Nordic skier. With a strong core you can maintain good technique longer throughout a race, which will ultimately translate into faster race times. You can work your core very effectively with an “eight-minute-ab” routine I used to do (yes, it sounds cheesy, but this routine will rock your socks off if you do it right). The routine is continuous—there is NO BREAK between the different exercises

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