ps3 collection video

If there’s any thing wrong with the video please tell me and i’ll try to fix it in the future. if you think the video is too long i would also like to know. any suggestions are welcome

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    5 Responses to “ps3 collection video”

    • lilwayne222222222222:

      Awesome dude keep making more vids

      My favorite FPS this gen is Killzone 2 i have 43 games

    • ummadome012:

      thanks i havent played killzone 2 but i plan on pickin it up soon

    • MrCallOfDuty7:

      I have battlefield bad company add me on ps3 plz The_Riddler_2 tell me if its you

    • ummadome012:

      k i’m adding your right now my psn name is almost the same to my youtube name you should recognize it.

    • NewOrder2013:

      Yeah your videos are great! Keep it up!
      When i get my ps3 on christmas ill give you my name so you could add me…If you want to lol. 🙂

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