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This is a guest blog post for Joe Defranco, renowned strength coach at: Topic Real Core Strength for Athletes Check out Joe’s site for the full article! Keywords: athletic strength training athlete strength training real core strength core strength workouts

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22 Responses to “Real Core Strength for Athletes –”

  • Silent13Assassin:

    Wouldnt it be better to have the fulcrom lower than you knee? That way you ingauge your hams more and you calfs?

  • topformfitness:

    Nice vid Smitty! Great isometric exercise variation, and awesome explanation of “complete” core activation. I’m going to try this Plank 2.0 in tomorrow’s workout.

  • hkweasel:

    awesome video except oh god the audio

  • crazychopstix:

    you’re a genius. this is wonderful!

  • jhashey:

    Nice progression smitty!

  • HanleyStrength:

    Great work smitty. Keep up the great work you do for this industry!

  • smittydiesel:

    Your hams and calves are insanely enaged with this setup. Increasing the moment arm, from our experience, puts too much pressure on the knees. Each athlete’s setup will be different, just experiment to find their spot.

    Thanks for the inquiry.

  • elitewarsaw:

    Sweet! I will be adding this to my programming.

  • ravsandhu1:

    thanks for all the info you guys make availible, it’s always good ideas.

  • Silent13Assassin:

    ok, thanks, I thought that might be the case.

  • xXGnetiksXx:

    Great video Smitty

  • smittydiesel:

    Thanks bro

    Thanks everyone for your support!

  • BodySynergyTraining:

    killer bro!! Your always giving me new exercises to do

  • UofMWolverine81:

    Having not tried this yet, I’m wondering how much stabilization is required by the “front” side of the core musculature from this. It’s clear from the video that the backside has to work OT with this creative variation. Typical planks usually focus on the front side, which is why I ask the question about the relative level of stress on the front side with this movement.

    I’m guessing there must still be a heck of a lot of stabilization by the abs going on because of the band tension.

  • smittydiesel:

    Without a doubt the abs HAVE to be braced outward during the movement. Check out the full article on Defranco’s site.

    Thanks for the great question!

  • Shredder15:

    Little off the topic, great video btw, but what bands do you recommend buying? I’ve wanted some for awhile but am kinda lost in where and what kid to get…


  • tornmiller:

    this is great work… your videos have made me much easier to work out.. the band with the bench press thing.. genious

  • cwc079:

    I’ve been back in the gym for about 6 weeks after a 10 year break. My right shoulder started killing me after doing bench press until I watched your video. I didn’t realize I bench pressed wrong my whole life until I saw your video. Now that i’m doing it correctly my shoulder feels perfect!

  • smittydiesel:

    Thanks CWC079.

  • smittydiesel:


  • tapthrow:

    That was some great stuff. Your enthusiasm shines through in these videos and your ideas are inspiring.

  • smittydiesel:

    Thank you for the kind words!

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