Rotational Strength Training For Football Elliott talks about building a foundation of core strength in order to improve rotational capacity and performance, as well as decrease risk for injury.

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18 Responses to “Rotational Strength Training For Football”

  • strongmandriscoll:

    maybe with rotational exercises. But if i drew my stomach in on a heavy squat i’d fall over face first!

  • strengthcamp:

    so would I… in fact i wear a belt and PUSH OUT when when heavy back squatting.

  • jhashey:

    Good points, agreed with the difference between intra abdominal pressure squats/dl etc and rotational exercises. Its worth while to point out that a lot of these rotation and swinging athletes (baseball, lax, hockey, QBs etc) develop those issues that Elliott is talking about due to only rotating in one direction during sport (right handed athletes swing, throw right handed). Have to even that out in the gym! -Good vid Elliott

  • ShannonVenasse:

    What are the exercises you suggest drawing your stomach in??

  • strengthcamp:

    there a bunch of great “TVA” exercises in Paul Chek’s “Scientific Core Conditioning” book. it would be too difficult for me to try and describe this here… maybe, i’ll do a vid on it soon.

  • Xmalibur:

    I was wondering if you could tell me any excercizes to draw in my belly?

  • BigSouthernCountry:

    Google the “Stomach Vaccuum”

  • DrChoMania:

    yes, please do a video soon!

  • Player10011:

    this is good shit man. keep it up. hard work pays off

  • algreen49:

    Sir you have helped me more than i can say.

  • crazynoob11:

    Can you spell that word at 3:15 for me?

  • aliensORfallenAngels:

    i pull in too for rotational work, however, I do it from around the entire circumference of my lower trunk equally, and *not* from the naval point location only. you actually *must* do this because the rectus abdominus is not suited for rotational work and the spine would be in jeopardy if the TrA and internal oblique could not stabilize the lower spine during a rotational exertion. love your vid’s btw.

  • heydudedudedude:

    could you show show us how we can do that?? thanks

  • JokobareSarijun:

    Hardcore women , you wont believe them tiny[dot]cc/lesbian715

  • bigwo52:

    That is a great point! By being an athlete myself and understanding core strength.You are absolutly right. If anyone have questions about how to do this “Google” a excercise called “planks”.

  • neshastasexii:

    what can i do to draw my belly in

  • Stifledsubmission:

    i dun’t understand man… I know the concept of what u are saying, however i dont’ know how to bring my abdomen in.. Do u mean suck it in when i’m twisting, like what heavy girls do when they take pictures? Or should i just flex my abdomen when i’m twisting

  • cedahood25:

    ok so what work outs should i do because u told me workouts not to do lol but really what workouts should i do

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