SparkPeople New YOU Bootcamp: Day 4 Abs & Core Workout

Join the fun and win prizes (it’s free!) here: This workout is part of SparkPeople’s 7-Day New YOU Bootcamp Program (Day 4 of 7). In this video, Coach Nicole of leads you through a short (10-minute) core strength and toning routine that will help you build lean muscle and lose weight. You’ll need a ball. For a longer workout, simply repeat the video.

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14 Responses to “SparkPeople New YOU Bootcamp: Day 4 Abs & Core Workout”

  • kozeraag:

    one I can do right at my desk!

    Thanks for all of these videos

  • Soccer7SG:

    Someone who is actually doing these exercises right now, how is it working for you? Classes started up again for me, so I’ve been slacking!

  • danielle111287:

    it’s been amazing for me
    my abs are sore!

  • dynastychick3:

    Great stability ball exercises. I love the variety in the workout. Thanks for posting!

  • goofylady5692:

    where do you find out how many calories this excercise burns?

  • Mrswiggly6:

    I love this video! Thank you

  • xakor:

    You really shouldn’t be considering that. A calorie burning exercise is one that have most of your body and limbs in constant movement, like running or elliptic machine.

    This exercise is not meant to loose weight but to get your body core stronger.

  • truelovewaitsforadem:

    These are great exercises and I’m deeply into the whole program.

  • sapphiretyger:

    It is working for me. I have been doing this video for about 4 months now, and it’s great. That and her Day 2 bootcamp workout for abs too!

  • HiPleaseAnswer:

    Okay I have a question:
    I want to get abs and arm muscles, but I don’t want to lose weight. What should I do?

  • msladyp:

    The SparkPeople exercises are a toning routine, so you should be fine. Or you may benefit from checking out some of the body building diets and workouts!

  • nikkitaseis:

    I have a silly question : I have a lil gut so is this going to help to get my tummy tighter??

  • Gizrum:

    Working out your abs alone won’t get you a six pack. You have to adjust your diet as well.

  • bubbless564:

    i dont have those balls, what can i use instead?

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