Speed training – Leg strength : Core exercises with Resistance Bands

myosource.com PLEASE VISIT OUR WEB SITE Basic “Core” Development drills to build speed, power, and Core Strength. Training with the Kinetic Bands enhances any training exercise. These basic drills are the “Core” foundation for any athlete. Working the quads, hams, glutes, hips, hip flexor, lower back and abs. Speed, power, explosion, lateral movement, vertical. All sports training should involve basic core development. These drills are great for Core development in any sport or activity. These drills can be done anywhere, anytime. Ricky Siglar NFL Tony Temple Missouri University Trenton Guy Football basketball softball volleyball wrestling martial arts cheerleading rugby quick twitch muscles hip strength

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24 Responses to “Speed training – Leg strength : Core exercises with Resistance Bands”

  • flash2762:

    see this is what i call a useful video not the other stuff thats on youtube

  • myosource:

    Flash: Thank you. whether an athlete uses our product or not, these exercises whill greatly help build core strength.

  • anticlockwissee:

    sorry that the question isnt about the kinetic bands, but exercises like these, will they get you stronger and bigger thighs and calves or just make them faster??

  • myosource:

    these exercises will work all your Core muscles for strength and speed.
    quads, hams, glutes, hips and hip flexor

  • watsonjazz:

    Good instructional video. Very helpful exercises that I can use.

  • ACMilanKaka22Pato7:

    this is really good and helpful, how long do you think it would take for it to have an effect?

  • myosource:

    a lot depends on your current level of ability. These exercises should start helping right away with speed and endurance. Core strength is the key to success in any sport.

  • 14musicrocker:

    how many times a week should we do a workout like this? are there other exercises we could do with this workout? Any other video workout’s I should be doing along with this?

  • nick1177:

    again how often can we do this every other day or even every day?

  • Repoman23:

    do u do it every day or take a day off in between?

  • myosource:

    we vary our training programs and use the bands every day. however will get great results with 3-4 times per week.

  • ynot12603:

    we can combine this with the speed drill … but how do we combine the procedure

  • myosource:

    I use these drills as basic Core development. I call them speed drills because they help develop all the Core muscle groups that are very important to speed development. strong quads, ham strings, glutes, abs, hips and hip flexor. you can do these on the track, at home or most anywhere. you can then proceed to your skip drills and any other speed drills that are more sport specific. let me know if answers your question.

  • confident1974:

    how do we know this is a fake and two years from now are muscles would decrease from this. is this scientifically proven?

  • myosource:

    This is muscle development and like any training, if you stop the development and benefits will slow down and stop.

  • ynot12603:

    wut stretches do you do after this workout and when will you start to see improvement with your speed

  • myosource:

    we like to use these exercises as part of stretching. you should start to see and feel results withing a few workouts. the added strength will help with left drive, explosion off the ground and hip rotation.

  • ynot12603:

    thanks nd this is my last question i swear … i should do this after track practice right??

  • myosource:

    You can do these exercises anytime. before or after practice or at home .

  • wesleywilson10:

    myosource do you have any such bands that are for resistance jumping.. like to increase verticals?

  • DugoreqZozecehy:

    he rammed her so hard tiny[.]cc/fuckmywife

  • gevo141:

    ya i need to get my vertical a lot better for soccer. the regular bands are fantastic

  • WiCkEdSuNnY1924:

    I was just wondering, my soccer season is coming up so I started training, and was wondering how long u should do these exercises for and how often per week

  • myosource:

    @WiCkEdSuNnY1924 We suggest using the bands for 15-30 minutes. You can use them every day if you like, we do suggest rotating drills and exercises and periodically take a day off and rest.

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