Stability Ball Exercise Demo: Back Extension at the Wall

Coach Nicole of demonstrates how to do back extensions on a stability ball. This is a great core exercise to target the lower back muscles (erector spinae). Using a ball for increases the challenge and intensity and helps you get more out of this strength exercise, which may help reduce back pain over time.

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3 Responses to “Stability Ball Exercise Demo: Back Extension at the Wall”

  • Rini523:

    yay gald ur back… i miss ur videos!!
    post more please :]

  • 57FAIRY:

    Great exercise! I have been having issues with my back and can’t get to my chiropractor, this adds to my therapy routine and feels good to my back.

  • johnbr59:

    good demonstration, this is a very good way to do back extensions, even if you have a herniated disc like me, there’s not really any flexion involved

    you are super cute too

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