Strength Stretch Core Exercise Video Workout is a core workout fitness video focusing on your abdominal and back muscles, downloadable from this site directly to your hard drive. Preceded by a comprehensive series of stretches covering all major muscle groups, the routine utilizes the best parts of Yoga, Pilates, and Isometrics. The 50 minute routine is easy to follow for beginners, while at the same time providing a tough core workout for the experienced.

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25 Responses to “Strength Stretch Core Exercise Video Workout”

  • JontheMark:

    That’s cool, I’ll see if it works for me or not.

  • JontheMark:

    Aww yeah!! It works great!!

  • N19queen:

    Yes we did this in a class today, I can tell it’s good for abs

  • bugsandsoccer:

    thats hard…

  • leeshapopadom:

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  • passdajlocc:

    what song is that?

  • jplamere:

    Everything But the Girl, but I forget the name, I’m totally stealing the song, pls don’t tell anyone! It’s not in the actual video, so I’m just stealing the clip for this sample video.
    thx, jp

  • marcusbondi:

    Great ab – core workout! pls check out my ultra extreme ab crunch; click on my name; cheers!

  • crazygurl987:

    does this really work?
    i’m trying to get my abs tight before the year ends.
    i want to do a fun exercise that works well.
    if you have any tips please write me.

  • sebast007:

    Good video! Thanks for posting!

  • supermanfan2:

    It worked really well for me

  • FitnessAnywhere:

    It is really smart to workout those CORE muscles.

  • pyftfhayxscoljby:

    Martial arts practitioners do this with a partner: other person throws legs to the sides, while the other person tries to resist the force and gets legs up to the starting position as fast as possible.
    Try also all the planks, 30-60s holds (70-80% of max), add weight on your back as you get stronger.

  • PokerOCD:

    I think this works your hip flexors more than your abs, lifting your hips off of the floor would hit your abs harder. This is still a great exercise because most men neglect their hip flexors because they are more concerned with big muscles and getting a “6-pac”. If you want to isolate the lower abs you can keep your feet at the top position and just lift your hips up and down. If you really want a challenge you could try “rocky IV sit-ups” ( I think Bruce Lee actually did them before Stalone )

  • statementz:

    Yeah, we did those in karate…they are hard!

  • boxsterwelby:

    how did he get those calves doing this? Meaning he did other excersizes to get in shape first. Meaning other basic excersizes are more important than this. Core is important. But, whatever he did to get those legs was more important to giving him that physique.

  • chris69006:

    hes on roids!!

  • BoTful:

    j’ai mal rien qu’en le regardant faire…rofl

  • ninthstshinobi:

    can someone tell me the name of this song? it would be great for hitting the heavy bag..

  • danzaditos:

    I can,t see any muscle in his body with all that clothes.

  • PizzaParty1988:

    yea with all that cloths? nice grammar bro

  • you4guitarist:

    lol the X looks painful!!!

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