Strength Training and Weight Training Exercises for Fitness Visit my site for strength training tips, exercise demos, and workout routines for fitness training, home fitness and more. Exercises are… joint mobility Arm swings, elbow clovers, arm screws, arm waves, thorax clovers, spine circles, tai chi twist, leg infinities. strength exercises: squat creep, shin twist, shin roll, shinbox switch, triangle squat, 45 lb clubbell cleans to shoulder park, long leg creep, quad squats, springing tripods, dumbbell swings, elevated scorpion to lateral lunge switch, dragon twisting, sandbag front squats, super slow spinal rock (breathing core/ab exercise), spinal rock variations, alligator walk, 15lb clubbell hammer swings, caterpillar exercise, pistol to spinal rock, leg swoop, walking lunge, double clubbell swipes 15lbers, handstand walking, 100lb heavybag runs at shoulder park, 15lb clubbell mills, 200 lb tractor tire flips, heavy bag runs 2, leg swoop AKA waterglider, clubbell mills 2, pushups, 15lb lateral clubbell swings, keg snatch throw. compensations/cooldown: spinal twisting, upward dog, bits of forest flow (prasara yoga), shinbox switch. Song: Come On Artist: Andy Hunt Album: Life

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22 Responses to “Strength Training and Weight Training Exercises for Fitness”

  • MagicNinjaslair:

    What do we do if we can’t break dance? lol jk

  • drlexifit:

    Awesome video! You are a beast!!!

  • berni2907:

    That was great. Even for someone like me with relatively little flexibilty I can take some things away from that to use. Many thanks.

  • gotes25:

    awesome stuff! From what country is this taking place?

  • Legna1166:

    Eres mi nuevo Heroe!!!

  • jhowielong:

    Superb! Splendidly creative workout – lots of common movements with a twist

  • Jouwl:

    Beautiful alligator walk, perfect form.

  • SukkarZ4Life:

    WOW is all i hv to say sugar WOW
    gr8 exercise trust me ive tryd it before 😀
    i do a bit of it in kickboxing but not same…Awsome

  • ReadPsalms1:

    I love the music you have playing with this video (Andy Hunter – Come On), I listen to this often during my workouts. I also like DJ Digital Josh – Mix It Up; Street Hymns too.

  • ReadPsalms1:

    I love the music (Andy Hunter – Come On).
    I also like listening to Dj Digital Josh during my workouts (Mix it up Right & Street Hymns)

  • earphtone:

    ooooh shit shit is dope. 🙂


    Great stuff to add to your strength training. However, nothing will ever beat hard core, balls to the wall, basic weight training. For size, and for strength you can’t ever replace lifting steel!!

  • johnsifferman:

    the body only knows resistance, not where that resistance is coming from – bodyweight, barbell, beer keg, clubbell, etc. The above exercises can be used to pack on size and strength, just like more traditional methods. It’s more about how you program it, than what types of tools or exercises you use.

    Of course, if you want to look like a bodybuilder, then train like a bodybuilder, and that means getting under some real iron.

  • pickyouupatnine:

    I really like this… a very good mix of strength, balance and flexibility. Do you swim as well?

  • johnsifferman:

    yes, I swim – just not as much as I’d like to.

  • Devr0ss:

    Some stuff looks familiar, some looks great, but a lot looks very high risk in terms of injury. Not a routine you want to just jump right into (as with any new routine). Nice work.

  • UnrealMarc:

    hi john, have you been involved with capoeira? A lot of your excercises are used in capoeira too. Keep up the good work!

  • kettlebellengelholm:

    Real nice movement there John =)

  • MrPhilosopher88:

    @UnrealMarc which ones exactly?

  • DaedriCxNZ:

    such awesome form

  • SFCRivera654:

    hey john, which of these exercises will help me burn the fat on my thighs all around?

  • johnsifferman:

    @SFCRivera654 spot reduction is actually a myth. Losing fat is much more involved than selecting bodypart-specific exercises. Check out my site for more info – I’ve written about this extensively.

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