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Exercise Ball = Stronger Core: “Be a 10 in 2010” with my Core Workout (Home & Gym)

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BUDGET Core Strength Training – Chop Circuit – Training on a budget volume I from Synergy Athletics. This will hit your core, lower body, shoulders, and grip. Try this chop circuit out and send us your video! Thanks for viewing. Joe Hashey, CSCS Want a manual full of this stuff?!? http Keywords: core strength, core training, core strength training, core workout, core secrets, ab exercise, ab training, abdominal, football exercise, baseball exercise, basketball training, budget training

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Upper Body Strength Training / My Bodyweight & Core Workout

Music: Clubbed To Death – Rob Dougan This video is to show some variation of workout that can be done to strengthen the Upper Body section. It help a lot to strengthen the Shoulders and for the Planches. I’m 5’10 1/2 and around 175 -180 pounds in this video. The Upper Body Strength Training / Core Muscles and Shoulder Workout. – Shoulders , Deltoids , Abs , Abdominals , Back , Arms , Triceps , Biceps , Forearms , Wrists. – Pseudo Planche Pushup , Planche Pushups , Full Planche , Straddle Planche , Tuck Planche , One Arm Assisted Handstand Push-ups , Dips Pressups , Chest Dips , Abs Crunch , Shoulder Press , Handstand Human Flag , No Feet Pushups , No Legs Pushups , Balance

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