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Stability Ball: Oblique Twist

Melissa Copp shows us an oblique twist, using the stability ball. For an extra challenge, you can add a dumbell or small hand weight.

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2 Swiss Ball Crunch

Crunches on the Swiss ball offer several advantages over more conventional methods and machines. Using the ball facilitates full flexion and extension of your spine thereby training your abdominals through a full range of motion. Crunches on the ball also promote balance and stability stimulating your deeper core muscles in addition to the prominent rectus abdominus or ‘six-pack’ muscle. When done correctly the Swiss Ball crunch is super effective.

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Upper Body Strength Training / My Bodyweight & Core Workout

Music: Clubbed To Death – Rob Dougan This video is to show some variation of workout that can be done to strengthen the Upper Body section. It help a lot to strengthen the Shoulders and for the Planches. I’m 5’10 1/2 and around 175 -180 pounds in this video. The Upper Body Strength Training / Core Muscles and Shoulder Workout. – Shoulders , Deltoids , Abs , Abdominals , Back , Arms , Triceps , Biceps , Forearms , Wrists. – Pseudo Planche Pushup , Planche Pushups , Full Planche , Straddle Planche , Tuck Planche , One Arm Assisted Handstand Push-ups , Dips Pressups , Chest Dips , Abs Crunch , Shoulder Press , Handstand Human Flag , No Feet Pushups , No Legs Pushups , Balance

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