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Core Strength Training Exercise developed by Baltimore MD Personal Trainer Nick Tumminello

Baltimore MD Sports Trainer, Coach Nick Tumminello shows you to perform the core training exercise he developed called the Upright Bird dog. This exercise is great for corrective exercise, rehab, strength and sports performance. Butt, abs, shoulders

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Workout Video: Best Ab Exercise

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Stability Ball Ab Exercises

CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT!! and Here are my 3 favourite stability ball ab exercises that can be done at home and will build your abdominals to give you that six pack look. The first exercise is the stability ball rollout. So to get into starting position, kneel on a mat, with your body in an upright position and hands on the ball. Now, roll out for a count of 3 seconds, stretching your abs, and then return to the starting position by contracting your abs for a 2 second count. Perform a total of 10 repetitions for this exercise. After the stability ball rollout, the next exercise to perform is the stability ball jackknife. There are a couple of ways this abs exercise can be done; one, with your elbows on a bench and feet on the stability ball, or alternatively, with your hands on the ground and your body in the pushup position. For the purposes of this explanation, I am going to do it with my elbows on the bench. So to start, place your body in a plank position with your elbows on the bench and feet on the stability ball. Next, while bracing your abs, tuck your knees up to your chest and back out again. This abs exercise although very effective is not quite as hard as the stability ball rollout. The third exercise of the stability ball triset is the plank with elbows on the ball. According to Men’s Health, this exercise is 30% harder than a regular plank with elbows on the ground. So, to get in position, place your elbows on the ball and your

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Core Workout: Ab Exercises for Beginners

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