The Best Beginner’s Abs Workout with Stability Ball

In this video, Coach Nicole of will lead you through a 5-minute core workout to target and tone your abs and obliques. If you’re new to using a stability ball, then this is a great way to start learning how to use it!

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14 Responses to “The Best Beginner’s Abs Workout with Stability Ball”

  • MsMayaBree:

    This is great! It sucks in the fact that I know I should do it but it is great! It does what it should and by the time I was done I felt like I had a good work out.

    I will have to work on my balance on the ball that is obvious.


  • RabiaB:

    Wow. This are killer exercises, very demanding. One thing though: in the beginning it says to make sure to use a ball of the right size. How does one know the right size ball? Maybe you could write that into the video info?
    Thanks for the great exercise video!

  • Shikyou:

    she has a video that explains how to use these and what sizes to use…

  • xhanyb21:

    This is a very good, challenging video! I loved it!

  • ihateyaacov:

    do u have a six pack?

  • AusPakWoman:

    Usually this info is present on the packing (box) when u buy the ball from store. It mentions which height range the ball is suitable for. Hope this helps 🙂

  • wolfkitty78:

    THIS IS AWESOME. I wasn’t sure where to start with abs, but I loved how this has the basic crunch, a twist crunch and other exercises that I can try! Thank you so much for also mentioning where it can be modified and how to go about performing the exercises. This really really helps and makes me think that I can definitely do this!

  • Holdyen:

    I wil try to do the first exercise on my new ball right now until fail. I did a couple and checked back here to make sure my posture was right. My midsection was too low on the ball, thanks!

  • celestedickson:

    I really liked this video! Note of caution for people like me with lumbar spine issues: In the 1st exercise, Coach Nicole is getting a visible backbend as she lies back on the ball. A safer alternative for my injured lower back was to place the ball higher on my back to minimize backbend in the low back. Same for the last exercise, which is also a backbend. I placed the ball more in the thoracic spine (behind the chest) and got a good upper back opener, with a safe lumbar spine.

  • mfaitha:

    This is a great video for beginners, Thank you.

  • larockeramenor:

    This is awesome…Thank you, Nicole!!!☺,

  • mrballa23:

    I wondering how many reps should we do like 10-15 or what ?

  • mariannecavazos:

    how do you know f ur ball has enuf or to much air?

  • krystle579:

    @mrballa23 to exhaustion..however many that takes, then add 1 more 😉

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