UndergroundStrengthCoach.com – A Day of Underground Strength Training

From UndergroundStrengthShow.TV Here’s a lil’ taste of the videos we put out at http A mixture of powerlifting, kettlebell workouts, underground bodybuilding, bodyweight workouts, gymnastics training, strongman training, workouts for athletes, grip strength, olympic lifting, strength coach interrogations and much, much more. This is The Inner Circle where like minded, hard core strength coaches and serious lifters can gather and exchange ideas in training, nutrition and anything relevant to the world of hard core strength fanatics. Get Your 30 Day Trial Here: www.undergroundstrengthcoach.com Hope to see you there! Peace. Lead from the Front! –Z– PS: Every month you will get The Underground Workout of the Month to follow. It’s time for all of us who have been kicked out of all these lame Globo gyms like Retro Fitness, Work Out World, Planet Fitness, etc to Rage against the pussification of the human race! See you at The Underground: www.undergroundstrengthcoach.com

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