What are good core strengthening exercises that do not include crunches or sit ups?

I have recently strained my back and it is healing slowly. I can run again but when I bend my back on my GoFit crunches pillow it still hurts. I am wondering if anyone has any other exercises that I can add to my workout every day until I start Yoga.

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  • Mirage:

    I’m not sure how this will feel on your back – it doesn’t bother my bad back, but everyone’s different…

    Try getting into a stance like you are going to do push-ups ( a plank position) – on your hands and toes, make sure to keep your abs tight and your back as straight as possible – don’t let your rear-end rise up or sink down – then hold this position for as long as you can. Try holding for 20-30 seconds and do three reps of the hold about a minute apart – and work up to a minute hold each time. As you get stronger you can do this while lifting one light hand weight – work up to 10 reps each hand.

    When you get up to doing a full minute at a time try it with one leg off the floor (no hand weights with this one) – you’ll have to do a more tri-pod stance with your feet and hands – try not to tilt your trunk – keep it parallel to the ground as best you can.

    It doesn’t sound like much but when you hold the position correctly you will feel it in your core. Also, at first you can also do the plank with your arms bent – so you are resting on your elbows, forearms, and toes – might help relieve any strain you feel on your back.

    Hope this helps and hope you feel better soon!

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